Language: The Sacred Unifier

Global warming conceptWords are tools. I know it’s not rocket science, but it needed to be stated. Words are tools, just like so many other things, which are neutral devices we can use to enhance or degrade our lives.

In the wrong hands, words are weapons, capable of destroying someone’s confidence, sense of self, or worse – dehumanizing others.

Luckily, words in the right hands are elixirs of health, wellness, abundance, and hope, connecting and unifying people.

I was inspired by this young woman’s video (see it below). Her phrases were elegant, and her language was so potent it began to illicit tears from my eyes rather quickly.


It wasn’t just that what she spoke felt like the truth and resonated with me. It goes much deeper than that. Continue reading

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Quantum Connections: Owning Your Reality

Article Photo There’s no denying that our lives are governed by various processes.  However, we live in an ever evolving universe in which nothing ever stays the same.

That means the processes that we tend to interpret as hard and fast rules and laws must also change and alter.

These changes don’t have to be large, fanciful fluctuations, but are often rather small, infinitesimal differences that we barely notice.

It might be as simple as a fundamental, universal process reshaping its expression or the way it interacts with every other piece of the universe.

One of the best ways for us to live on purpose is to connect with the universal processes present in our lives in order to understand how they affect us.

While you don’t have to learn the technical ins and outs of these things, if you want to revolutionize your experience and empower your life, then learning how to feel these connections is a must!

One of the greatest tools we have at our disposal (and often MISS!) is the power of synchronicities.   Continue reading

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Source Point: Your Clarity Oasis

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.54.11 AM

Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re completely overwhelmed, stressed out, and just want to jump ahead a few years to forego what you’re experiencing now so you can just get to the good stuff?

I know I’ve definitely had my moments where I just wanted to skip what I was going through and move forward in time because I couldn’t see my situation clearly.

Whenever we are engulfed by strong emotions, our clarity becomes constricted and that can be scary.  Naturally, we tend to shrink away from what scares us.  The problem with that is we give our power away to the situation instead of holding the power within.

What I’m going to teach you in this next video is the power of non-diminishing retreat into your higher guidance system to gain greater clarity of the situation. Continue reading

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Balance Struggles – The Daily Checklist Rescue

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Balance.  It is something we all strive for and struggle with at the same time. But what if I told you that I had a secret to help you maintain your balance, develop a healthy emotional awareness and processing system, and help you release extraneous stress, anxiety, and panic?  You’d want that right?  I sure hope so, because here it is: Continue reading

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Traveling the Underworld to Release Resistance

fantasy womanAs you can imagine, I believe in the power of positivity and infusing our lives with as much love, kindness, compassion, and health-filled thinking as possible.  But what happens when your world is rocked and it feels like the walls are closing in around you?  What do you do when it feels like your very essence is shattered and it is difficult to see past the emotional debris cutting through your skin?  My answer may surprise you.

Let yourself feel ALL OF IT!

Orienting yourself to a default positive vibration, denoted by thinking positively, believing good things are happening for you, feeling safe in your world, and allowing yourself to be just plain happy, is an extremely healthy way to be.  However, when something crashes into the foundation of your being, you have to take notice of it. Continue reading

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Are You “Too Sensitive?”

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As human beings, we are susceptible to a wide array of energies at any given moment. Some tear at our auric fields, while others mend them. As a species, we have created a society in which to survive, we must deny that which we are completely – vulnerable.

In the United States, it is a social norm that we do not cry in public. If we do, it must be under the following circumstances (we won’t get into gender roles in this article, but we will talk about them soon):

1. We are an infant or young child who needs to either sleep, be fed, or happens to be bleeding;
2. We must be in severe physical pain, which requires a visit to the ER or a hospital stay;
3. In moments of extreme duress, such as the sudden loss of a close loved one, but rarely is it acceptable to have a bout of sobbing over people outside of the immediate family;

Or the most common of all:

4. The silent cry when we are overwhelmed, happy, touched, sad, or a plethora of other feelings. Continue reading

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An Opus for the Hopeless

This post was inspired by one of my dearest friends and one of the most amazing beings I’ve ever known.  This is intended to help those who are suffering, in any way, to bring you faith when yours may be lacking.

© Subbotina Anna –

I cannot imagine your pain.

I have not lived within your body, nor have I felt the unique sensations you experience when you feel the cells of your body are betraying you.

I cannot say for certain what will happen in your immediate future, aside from the pain, loss, defamation, and cruelty you have grown accustomed to.

What I can do is share my story and extend a hand of hope. Continue reading

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